The radio journey


Every vacation I wished I could do something so much more different than I have ever done. One day before the vacation, over two burgers and a coffee, came up the amazing plan of performing a radio program which was something I had wanted for a long time! There were discouraging talks but at the end of the day seven of us decided to go ahead and I feel I have had a great experience ever since. We had a brain storming for ideas and topics and after a week we decided on exploring about MINING AND MINERAL WEALTH OF INDIA. The group was made and the topic was decided and that’s when the voyage began. The first step was done. Next came the second vital one which was making the script, actually every step was more important than the other but this was a really important step as for any show what matters is the content. The work for the script was about to start and I was really excited about this stage as this is where we really had to sit and think. We were asked to gather all the information and once we did that the scripts were ready. We were ready to be trained. Each one of us got our lines to present and that’s when new layers of conspiracy mildly unfolded and a blame game began. This added spice and amusement to the happenings. Thankfully they were all storms in a tea cup.
Coming to the practice sessions, they were really fun they were not only a practice sessions but get togethers for our parents. Occasionally we used to go to some restaurant but usually the joy of hanging out with our friends overwhelmed us. We practiced the nuances of voice modulation and presentation a few times every day. We were enlightened about the various facets of the mining and the rich mineral heritage of India, the trials and tribulations of the miners. I could say these were the most interesting and learning parts of our summer endeavor.
And then came the D-day. The recording day. Each one of us was really excited and filled with the spirit of being the best. We were given a tour of the AIR and we saw the recording rooms, control rooms. We were amazed when we saw a radio jockey performing live on air. we just could not believe that a few minutes and we would be in her place. That’s when we had a pleasant surprise. We had gotten the opportunity to present not only one program but to present three programs that too extempore about our hobbies and a small talk on our mothers for Mother’s Day. We were really nervous before we entered the room but later each one gave their level best. Coming to the extempore part some of us were a little intimidated while the others told it without any hassle.
In an ending note I can say that the radio journey gave us a lot to learn. We are really really happy to get such a good opportunity. We are really indebted to all the people who made it happen. I feel we all have got an experience that we all will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Aditi karanam



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